Sunday, February 10, 2019

Big size dolphin we met the other day.

middle of rainy season.

we met very relaxed dolphins in channel between Bunaken Island to Sulawesi main land.
They were quite big size compare to the dolphin usually we see around here.

Beautiful creatures... they make us very happy us usual and  bring such a peaceful feeling!


Sunday, February 03, 2019

Dover Strait Swimmer TERUKO with "Uminchu Club" student came.

Ms.TERUKO ONUKI -  Dover Strait Swimmer

she held the record in Japan for swimming across the channel from Dover to France. 
(as the first Japanese)

She came with her followers, Students of "Uminchu Club" again (Ms.Teruko is the representative of this club).

The weather was not good though swimmers enjoyed swimming & freediving around Bunaken and Siladen island.

They all amazed by coral beauty of Bunaken still keeping the good conditions.💖

Really good morning!!

This morning, sun came out finally!

so much rain until yesterday.

This year's rainy season is really heavy.
it's like the unforgettable hard rainy season we had when we moved to Bunaken 20 years ago.
maybe weather is also coming back with some kind of cycle??

Manado, Sulawesi main land was flooded the other day, though Bunaken was OK even with hard rain, we went diving as usual.

some part of Manado town

dangerous level of water easily over 2m!

picture by people in Manado and Tondano.