Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pitaya "Queen of the Night" or "Moonflower"???

I got this plant from our friend Fee and Alan.  In the beginning I was not sure which plant is this or how it grow, but just gave it water every day and look after.  Then green thin leaf start grow longer and longer and another one came out and grow longer and longer.

The other day I saw two flowers which came out all of sudden.  I am sure I saw this plant the day before but look like these flowers just pop out next day.

When I checked, it look like this one they call ether "Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)" or "Queen of the Night" or "Moonflower".
This flower bloom only in the night, then close next morning. 

This is why this flower got name above..... nice.
but I did not know until today I checked in the internet, big pity was I did not check the smell of this flower. 

"Hylocereus blooms only at night; the large white fragrant flowers of the typical cactus flower shape are among those called "moonflower" or "Queen of the Night". Sweet pitahayas have a creamy pulp and a delicate aroma. It is also grown as an Ornamental plant, used in gardens as a flowering vine and a house plant indoors." (from Wikipedia)

This is the condition now ↓
The other flower already fallen on the floor, pity, but can you see the right bottom of the flower look like "Mini Dragon Fruit" looking??? or just me...? 

I hope we can see the fruit someday. 

To be continued.....

Sunday, December 02, 2012