Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Visitor in the Cha Cha office??

One day at the office in Cha Cha.

Raf looked up the ceiling inside office and found a hairy thing sticking out.

That was a sleeping kitten paw!!!

After Raf touched the paw, it disappeared so fast, then few seconds later he could see a very curious kitten eye looking down the office through the hole. so cute and so funny!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

What's happened to Venezia "The Water Metropolis" in Italy??

In Japan we call Venezia also with another name "The Water Metropolis".
But everybody must surprised to see today's news about Venezia in Italy.

This is June 2010, we had nice drink at this cafe.

and this is the latest picture in the today's news.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bunaken Beach combing with Professor Chiko.

This morning I did beach combing with professor "Chiko" to the famous sand bank left side of the resort when it's very low tide. 

First I thought I found Meteorite cause it look like golden color on the surface of the rock.

But maybe NOT ....

It must be a peace of coral fossil rock which recently fell off from the wall.

Then our "Beach combing professor" Chiko disappeared int the rock hole and wake up two Bats that sleep inside there. I was very surprised, it was the first time experience to meet "Bat" in this way in the morning in a long time beach combing experience.  It is a great discovery by professor Chiko, especially good information for the "Bat researcher" guests they will visit our resort soon.  

Also found a Chiragra spider conch, is a species of very large sea snail.

Usually this conch shell has this shape.↓

This conch was staring at me with tiny spy eye sticking out from the shell.

You will go crazy surprisingly, Beach combing around Bunaken.
Even at such a shallow water, there are lots and lots of marine life you will find.
Chiko the "Beach combing Professor"