Tuesday, August 08, 2017

now feel like it's dry season...

Finally dry season started...?!!
Day time it's very hot these few days and no rain for 10 days....
remind me that fashion brand word in Japanese  "極度乾燥しなさい" 😆
The water visibility is super!!! the other day I saw like "40m down" from surface.

Bunaken Mangrove

Beautiful mangrove - it's in left side of Cha Cha if you look from the sea.
if you are interested to see different fish from Bunaken Wall, maybe you should try snorkelling in the mangrove as well.  maybe you can find Sphaeramia orbicularis (cardinal coral fish) or baby shark, baby green spotted stingray.  it is like a fish "kindergarten" in the shallow water.

Another kind of Lily bloomed in our garden

Manado harbor

 Lot of small wooden "Speed boat" in Manado harbor right next to fish market. 
it's looks chaotic but it's a important gateway for people who coming from far north islands to do shopping in Manado.