Monday, September 28, 2015

Big moon night @ Bunaken Island.

Suppose to be super moon but could not get a good forcus, cause not only not used tipod but also our cat "Balls" pushing his body against my leg quite aggressively starving for cuddle... umm.
but it's very clear and nice big moon tonight.

Have a good night!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quick "Milk stand" or filling station...?!



Pink Eye Goby can be beautiful but tough for presbyopic...?!

Tiny tiny creature who got pink color eyes and transparent body with golden yellow color organ, the size is only 1.5cm body even biggest one in this group.

No wonder many photographer divers especially in Japan are crazy about this fish.
umm... they are so beautiful!
Got to have a good macro lense or a BIG magnifying glass or a pair of good reading glasses?? to see this one though.

Warter temp. back to normal around Bunaken Island.

Luckly for us, but maybe not for coral?, water temp. came back to average level around Bunaken which is like 28-29℃.
This is the famous "Bunaken Drop off" from above.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Double-lined mackerel

In the chilly, full of plancton water, I met few "Double-Lined Mackerel" around 50cm long, slim body fish.

Snorkeling in the cool water temp.(25-27℃) at Bunaken

Still quite chilly water continue around Bunaken area. maybe this is the El Nino influence...??
Usually average water temperature is 28-29℃ in this area.
and still good weather, no rain.  umm...