Sunday, June 26, 2016

MOTOGP - Forza Vale "VALE THE GOAT"!!!!!

MotoGP race in Assen (Live here at 20:00). We are big fan of Vale(Valentino Rossi), of course!!!!!

On the Brexit Day....

Nana had puppy on the Brexit Day.  Guests and us are thinking to put name "Brexy" for a girl...

Coconuts Crab

The day before we went holiday, people found this amazing coconuts crab walking on the steps going up to the villa, so they show us.
size like Man's head and it looks like quite old one?!
we think if people on the island when they catch this, normally they will eat it, but it's protected species by law in Indonesia thus we said to staff to release him/her.  
It might stick around in this area, if you found one, try not to poke or step on it, cause they got such a strong scissors to break hard coconuts!