Sunday, August 30, 2015

After tiny flowers..

I noticed tiny not colorful, some small flowers bloomed on our "Mango tree" the other day. 
Almost week later, baby mango started to coming out!! 

Haze season...?!

The season came that farmers, plantation owners and miners to set fire in the forest to clear land in Manado main land during dry season. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

What the driest beautiful weather will bring to us near future?  news said "There is a possibility of the strongest "El Nino" in the history we might have in this year".
Beautiful weather is good for the business, but little bit scarely news for near future...?!

Cold Water in Summer High Season

Water temp still bit cold (around 27 degrees), sometimes we meet 24 degrees water while diving. lot of plancton thus fish looks so happy and so many.

Sunrise from Cha Cha

Our guests enjoy watching everyday different and beautiful sunrise from Cha Cha.
    and sunset reflection (pink sky) and "Milkyway" starly nights. 


One of Hana's boy puppy. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Wire Coral Crab

We had quite strong south wind for few days thus many boats went to dive and snorkeling at east side of Bunaken Island.
to avoid crowed dive site, we decided to go to "Raimond point" (one of my favorite dive/snoekeling site) and found this very colorful orange crab call "Wire Coral Crab" or sometimes "Spider Crab" mimic a whip coral.

water temp. was 26 degree, it's 2 degree colder than usual Bunaken water temp.  umm... COLD!!!