Sunday, March 02, 2008

Indonesia -Bunaken Bugs-

Most people that have stayed on Bunaken have had some sort of encounter
with the various bugs that live on the Island...yes we have spiders, not the
man eating type, scorpions...yes but again not the type that ambush you.
Ants, now I never knew till I arrived on Bunaken that there could be so many
ants in one area....and of so many different types, I often wonder what the
total population of ants could be in the world at any one time??...the mind
After 9 years, you would think that we, at Cha Cha, would have seen all that
are available on Bunaken....but no, we still see new ones, every time the same
story....... new bug, you think of "new species" and " can we call it the Cha Cha
bug" but then we find that its actually quite common.......

Here is the latest that created quite a stir at Cha Cha the other morning,
its actually a "Tortoise Beetle" about 15mm long and gold...have a look.