Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Met with 4 meter big Dugong!

Lucky Guests and Raf.

They met with 4 meter big Dugong yesterday morning. Dugong was almost hugging coral bommy, but they say this Dugong was amazingly slim and big Dugong. One of our guest had small video camera, but Dugong showed up at very last minutes of their finishing dive time, so the camera's battery run out 5 minutes before the meeting with this wonderfully huge creature.
How lucky they were!  Raf did not shut up for a while with so much excitement about this lucky accident.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Black-Saddled Toby

A baby "Black-Saddled Toby" hiding inside gorgonian. The body size is about 1cm with pointed small mouth, very cute.

Tanjung Kopi Point - almost zero current

Tanjung Kopi - Manado Tua Island.
It's supposed to be often strong current in this point, but the other day was almost zero current. GT and Jack fish were making group but very quickly separated and disappeared into the blue because of the "no current" situation we think..
It was quite relaxing diving, our guide pointed us beautiful flat warm and bat fish and more.  The sun glittered on the coral reef and made it looks more colorful than usual.