Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moon clip and Firefly @ Bunaken Island

Moon clips started around 21:00 local time.

While we were watching this moon clip, we realized some fire flies flying around and inside of big tree in front of our house. Fantastic!

Saturday, November 26, 2011



Our guests Mr.Naoyuki sent us wonderful picture of PINK EYE GOBY/ RED EYE GOBY/HOVERING GOBY. This fish got also lot's different names... 

Japanese TV Program call "A message from the sea".

It will show about the dive and snorkel sites of Bunaken Island and the story of owners Raf and Reiko & Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort on February 2012, TV ASAHI on CS Program.
It's start from Feb2012 and show it 12 times in two years.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Japanese TV Team arrived.

Recently mostly great vizability (20m+) with 29C average temp.
On a couple of dives, due to plankton, the clarity was reduced a little but then lots of reef activity.
A Japanese Team have been filming a documentary for Japanese TV program call "A message from the sea" by TV ASAHI about Cha Cha Owners and life here underwater. 
The cameraman used 4 cameras and necessary strobes including macro lens to catch the
littlest of critters, like ornate ghost pipe fish.
Dove also in the rain with Tobias and Gerd who braved the weather and went for it… Great dives and both very happy they made the effort to get out of bed. 

Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Caroline and the family - Our Guests in Aug2010 wrote travel article with pictures which was picked up as one of today's  "feature stories" in "Suite101"(huge international site).
Click on the link down below and have a look!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Latest Photo from Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort

Good Weather Everyday in August this year. 
Quite hot but there is always nice sea breeze on the Bunaken Island.

Under water is beautiful as heaven and water temp. is 29℃.

Critter - Baby Fingered Dragonet - 1.5cm

Something missing???

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Critters World in Manado, Bunaken Cha Cha

Sandy point around Bajo
What is this?

Devil Scorpion Fish

Cockatoo Wasp Fish

Frog fish pretend to be a sponge.


Sea horse

Come on!  Let's go diving!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Last Minute DIVERS Specials for August

“Last Minute  DIVERS Specials”  For August

Superior Room
5th to 8th Aug. – 3 nights with 2 days diving: Total 4 morning dives. US$ 545.00 US$480.00

Standard Room
16th to 20th Aug. – 4 nights with 3 days diving: Total 6 morning dives. US$645.00 US$ 550.00
17th to 21st Aug. – 4 nights with 3 days diving: Total 6 morning dives. US$645.00 US$ 550.00
22nd to 26th Aug. – 4 nights with 3 days diving: Total 6 morning dives. US$645.00 US$ 550.00


for Group of Guests came from Sendai, Tohoku.
held in Buanken Cha Cha Nature Resort
 Spoon game 
Guests Team VS Staff Team!!!
Not easy as it looks like.

 Cheer Up Dancing Night!

 Yuko and Guests dancing with Beer Cap owned by Owner Raf. 

Dive Bunaken Island - The Drop Off

Coral Drop Off around Bunaken



Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moon Fish/Sun Fish/Ikan Mola Mola/Mambo at Bunaken

At only 5M depth in Tawara point in Bunaken,  our guests met huge Moon Fish/ Sun Fish/Mambo/Mola Mola.
Diver or Snorkeler sometimes see this Moon Fish(Sun Fish, Mambo, Mola Mola) somewhere around Bunaken Island all year around at 28℃ tropic sea.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long-rayed Sand Diver

Today's Diving.
Young group of Long-rayed Sand Divers. Length of body is around 4cm. Bunaken