Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cha Cha from the sea.

Beautiful sky!

Great dane "Chiko"

Our great dane "Chiko" putting her bottom on my foot while we were talking to guests.

New Toy for Raf "Anti Stress Green Man"

This was gift from our Japanese guests Aya and Ritsuko to Raf.

"Anti Stress Green Man"  

Made of slimy gell body, so you can squash them, throw them at to the wall, fold them, or you can put a particular name before you do all that...  Fantastico~~~!!!

The World New Discovery?? Blinking Nudibranch on Bunaken Island night dive.

World New discovery??

At night dive around Bunaken, I was filming a short movie to see what's the result of the combination of my new torch and digital camera.

while I was filming this non active nudibranch, I realized this one start blinking it's body color. I was so surprised.  I knew few nudibranch are able to make right inside body and people can see if it's in the dark.  But this one was blinking and changing body color reacting to the torch right.
Amazing!!!  maybe this is "The World New Discovery"??
It's also easier to see this process through the camera screen, because when I tried to see without screen, it was difficult to see the blinking, but through the digital screen, you can see like this.
Enjoy the short video!  ↓

Video by Reiko Downey (Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort)

Friday, May 03, 2013

Plaga Wine Tasting Party at Cocoon, Bali.

Meet a fresh and modern local wine from Indowines.
Enjoyed "Plaga Wine Party" at COCOON in Bali,  20April.