Sunday, July 30, 2017

made me cry.....

one morning, me and guests left Cha Cha to go diving in the morning, then I realised some movement  at upper villa.

Oh!!!! our guests Angela waving to us!!!! 
Thank you, Angela, and all bond girls!! it was great fun to see you all happy smiles and hear your voices.
she waved to us until we could not see each other.. 
This made me tears. 
Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️

Guests and owners's A day in Cha Cha

who is the dugong???

and me with wine glass.... ummm... they know me too well. 

Dugong Sign in tea cup.

our guest said this tea sign looks like "Dugong" (sea cow) .

 Yes, it is!!  Cute!! 

Have u ever heard a flower call "Fireball Lily"??

It took almost an hour to find the name of this flower in the internet after I realised no information about this one in my  "Tropical Garden Plants" book.

it looks very similar to "Melaleuca citrina" ("Bottlebrush tree" in Japanese) but this one is not a tree, but the stalk look like lily I was wondering and my guess was correct and called "Fireball Lily".
in Wikipedia they call "Scadoxus" (blood lily)", family of Amaryllis.  It's lovely flower - big round ball shape blooming few of them in Cha Cha garden at moment.

Shallow under water view

Maybe just make somebody envy if they can not go dive/snorkel right now.....???

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

According to the local tradition

one of our family (Miyauko's great great g......g......  grandchildren)

Cats team - they have a daily job in Cha Cha. If you hear a noise from roof top, that is them doing their job to make sure no other animals coming in.  However the noise become too much occasionally   it's like having a "Cats Olympic" in the roof top.
if that's the case, then Cha Cha staff will sprinkle "chili and red onion mixed water" around the roof so no cats team running like crazy or too excited and disturb our guests.

little bit strange, it's works though...

still rainy season??!!

very strange weather nowadays.

usually rainy season is already finished by now, but this week we had rain every day.