Monday, July 23, 2018

Night Dive in Timur2 point, Bunaken Island

A wonderful night dive we had.
the scene we never see before - a crab giving birth!!!  (you can see at end part of the video)
unfortunately I was too close to the crab, so it's became out of focus on the crab itself, but can you see all tiny new born babies??

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Our bird departed to heaven yesterday.

Our bird went to heaven yesterday.
We are not the type of people who likes to keep animals / birds caged but we often got them as a gift from friends or staff or people we know, this bird was one of them.

These almost 4 years he was with us, he gave us some good memories especially the day when he escaped from his cage and flew back to the cage three days later.  
He had good strong voice, could resembling so many different birds around Cha Cha. We assume he tried to communicate with them. 

Two days ago, a mysterious things happened at late night - normally he suppose to be already asleep that late, but he called with perfect voice just like a “Tarsius monkey" (Sulawesi spectrum - wild monkey live around Cha Cha) only for one time.
We are wondering and hoping that's not going to be a last message to his evening time friend Tarsius. 
Unfortunately that was it.  
Due to few days of stormy nights, (even I got extremely cold at night), our old cute bird could not cope with cold wet weather I assume. 

Thank you bird! 

We never forget about you. Enjoy freedom with your buddy in beautiful tropical heaven.