Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hana turned to a house dog??

Our dog "Chin" chan is in heat now, so Gonzo protecting her like crazy thus they leave their daughter "Hana" chan alone in the dinning area at early night for a while.  

Hana doesn't want be left alone in dinning area, of course, she is a just 5 month old puppy, so she started visit our home often especially at night.

Little bit strange feeling for us after we lost Chiko, we never thought even our doggies will ever enter our house, because they are more like a village dog(half wild dog), not same breed like Chiko or house dog. but look at Hana…  she looks quite comfortable on the sofa next to me.

very cute… Hana chan… 

Monday, December 02, 2013

Lucky guests saw "Sperm Whale" !!

Lucky guests saw two "Sperm Whales" on the way to come over to Bunaken from South Manado.

If you don't know which is the sperm whale, then please have a look the YouTube Video we attached at the end.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Met with 4 meter big Dugong!

Lucky Guests and Raf.

They met with 4 meter big Dugong yesterday morning. Dugong was almost hugging coral bommy, but they say this Dugong was amazingly slim and big Dugong. One of our guest had small video camera, but Dugong showed up at very last minutes of their finishing dive time, so the camera's battery run out 5 minutes before the meeting with this wonderfully huge creature.
How lucky they were!  Raf did not shut up for a while with so much excitement about this lucky accident.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Black-Saddled Toby

A baby "Black-Saddled Toby" hiding inside gorgonian. The body size is about 1cm with pointed small mouth, very cute.

Tanjung Kopi Point - almost zero current

Tanjung Kopi - Manado Tua Island.
It's supposed to be often strong current in this point, but the other day was almost zero current. GT and Jack fish were making group but very quickly separated and disappeared into the blue because of the "no current" situation we think..
It was quite relaxing diving, our guide pointed us beautiful flat warm and bat fish and more.  The sun glittered on the coral reef and made it looks more colorful than usual.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dugong Watch Every-Week???

Today's first site the divers and snorkelers went was Cha Cha 2 Point.

Our snorkeling guide found "DUGONG" and showed to our snorkeler guest.
"Even the guide Mitsu was so excited as well as me.  Huge single dugong swam away elegantly right in front of us" guest said.   Wonderful!
I was just explaining about Dugong to the other family guests the day before. Who saw Dugong today was not them but now they will believe me. hihihi...

Other guest also saw a "Dugong" as well last week after he followed Raf's advice. He was very happy, and of course, that make us happy,too.

Maybe same dugong wondering around and maybe this is the season to them to look for a partner??
Either way, what a exciting news every-week!!

Nocino Gone.....

Just two days later of last blog we put about our new family "Nocino", he disappeared without trace.

Did he go "jalan jalan" (go for a walk) somewhere and lost?  
It's very difficult for us to believe he went alone somewhere far without his mother or Hana chan who is his sister. They were always together.  At same night Hana chan lost her collar which never found on the beach or in the garden.  Somebody took him away and also try to take Hana chan, too??
Hana chan, luckily she is fine, only missing is her cute pink dot design collar.

I hope Nocino did not end up in the market in Manado (It's a Minahasa people has tradition to eat dog, catc, bat, rat,etc as you can see in the market).
We offered a quite big reward if somebody find him, but nobody could find him or heard any news  about him in their each villages since he disappeared more than a month ago.

so sad... we could not write any blog after for a while.... 

Nocino had a unusual big paw. Even local people knew if dog got huge paw will become quite big dog, it means he will be very popular for certain people who wants to showing off that dog to others.  Maybe he looked too special for "Bunaken Island dog"...??  

Nocino we miss you, and hoping you are fine and surviving somewhere safe.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

"NOCINO" - Welcome!! to Cha Cha Family.

Finally we decided his name.

Seven or eight years ago we had lovely dog call "Cappuccino", he was brought by our staff from village together with Kuma (Chiro's mother) chan.
We named this puppy by memory of our "Cappuccino"chan and from our one of favorite Italian drink call "Nocino".

Nocino - Nocino is a sticky dark brown liqueur from the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. It is made from unripe green walnuts. 
This bottle is our favorite "Nocino"from Modena, North Italy.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Amazing Butterfly exist on this island.

we don't know the name of this beautiful butterfly, it was found dead at night unfortunately. pity...
but it's amazed us this kind of beauty still exist on Bunaken without going into the deep jungle.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Let us introduce our "HANA" chan, the new family in Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort.

News 2.

Welcome our new family -

 "HANA" (means flower in Japanese) chan

she is one of puppies of Chin chan. (Chiro's daughter)

we kept boy and girl puppies. but we are still thinking about boy's name, so please wait for it.

Bunaken Dugong appeared near Cha Cha 2 Point.

Big News!!!

News 1.

2nd of September (two days ago), our guest saw


near Cha Cha 2 point while he was snorkeling between the dive.

The guest said that Dugong was bigger than him.


Dugong, this picture was taken by R.Downey 2004.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

U/W beauty from T.Weller Family.

Lot's of beautiful pictures and memory.
☆☆☆Thanks to T.Weller Family ☆☆☆
Orangutan Crab

Coral Banded Shrimp

Friday, August 16, 2013

International Airports "On-Time Performance" World Top 10

From Press Release of

The FlightStats July 2013 On-time Performance Report Summary:

 Major International Airports

(HND) Tokyo’s Haneda held its top spot among the world’s busiest airports with an on-time performance of 91.28%. In June, three Asian Airports, three North American airports, three European airports, and one Australian Airport were in the top ten. The average on-time departure performance among the top 35 international airports was 69.66% up slightly from July’s rate of 69.26% and cancellations for the group were 1.82% down from May’s rate of 1. 99%. Stormy weather in North America and overall consistently weak performance by Chinese airports kept the overall airport performance average low.

The top ten performers among international airports were:

1 Tokyo (HND)         91.28%
2 Munich (MUC)      86.12%
3 Tokyo (NRT)         84.90%
4 Seattle (SEA)        83.63%
5 Amsterdam (AMS) 82.67%
6 Minneapolis (MSP) 81.84%
7 Singapore (SIN)   81.75%
8 Frankfurt (FRA)    81.74%
9 Phoenix (PHX)     80.99%
10 Sydney (SYD)    80.11%

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meeting with "Napoleon wrasse" in front of CHA CHA.

Meet Napoleon wrasse while diving / snorkeling in front of Cha Cha.

Young "Varnus salvator sp."??

We found monitor lizard in a hole, we think these are called "Varanus salvator sp."
They are still young ones and it's look like they were born there thus we are still wondering whether to save them or leave them there if there are enough food and comfortable for them in that hole... ummm...

They can swim and eat small fish or some marine life on the beach. We saw once it took big risk and came  out so far to hung around the reef when it's very low tide at lunch time. That one was almost 2 meter long (body1m, tail 1m long) monitor lizard.

Photo by Reiko Downey
Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Cha Cha becomes Techy...??

"Cha Cha becomes Techy……just slightly"

Now guests bar bill is automated so no more trying to decipher what is written on your bar bill,
thanks to iPad and great new software.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cha Cha from the sea.

Beautiful sky!

Great dane "Chiko"

Our great dane "Chiko" putting her bottom on my foot while we were talking to guests.

New Toy for Raf "Anti Stress Green Man"

This was gift from our Japanese guests Aya and Ritsuko to Raf.

"Anti Stress Green Man"  

Made of slimy gell body, so you can squash them, throw them at to the wall, fold them, or you can put a particular name before you do all that...  Fantastico~~~!!!

The World New Discovery?? Blinking Nudibranch on Bunaken Island night dive.

World New discovery??

At night dive around Bunaken, I was filming a short movie to see what's the result of the combination of my new torch and digital camera.

while I was filming this non active nudibranch, I realized this one start blinking it's body color. I was so surprised.  I knew few nudibranch are able to make right inside body and people can see if it's in the dark.  But this one was blinking and changing body color reacting to the torch right.
Amazing!!!  maybe this is "The World New Discovery"??
It's also easier to see this process through the camera screen, because when I tried to see without screen, it was difficult to see the blinking, but through the digital screen, you can see like this.
Enjoy the short video!  ↓

Video by Reiko Downey (Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort)

Friday, May 03, 2013

Plaga Wine Tasting Party at Cocoon, Bali.

Meet a fresh and modern local wine from Indowines.
Enjoyed "Plaga Wine Party" at COCOON in Bali,  20April.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blue-ringed octopus(ヒョウモンダコ) in house reef at Bunaken Cha Cha.

Night Dive in front of our resort. When they are calm, you do not see their blue ring straight way, so I thought I found a new looking nudibranch or something, then get closer to them, they start show these beautiful blue rings all over the body and legs.
Blue Ring Octopus (ヒョウモンダコ)

The blue-ringed octopuses (genus Hapalochlaena) are three (or perhaps four) octopus species that live intide pools and coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Japan to Australia (mainly around southern New South Wales and South Australia). They are recognized as some of the world's most venomous marine animals. Despite their small size and relatively docile nature, they can prove a danger to humans. They can be recognized by their characteristic blue and black rings and yellowish skin. When the octopus is agitated, the brown patches darken dramatically, and iridescent blue rings or clumps of rings appear and pulsate within the maculae. Typically 50-60 blue rings cover the dorsal and lateral surfaces of the mantle. They hunt small crabs, hermit crabs, and shrimp, and may bite attackers, including humans, if provoked.   (From Wikipedia) 

ヒョウモンダコ(豹紋蛸)は、マダコ亜目 マダコ科 ヒョウモンダコ属に属する4種類のタコの総称。日本ではその中の一種Hapalochlaena fasciata を指す場合が多い。小型だが唾液に猛毒のテトロドトキシンを含むことで知られ、危険なタコとされる。 ウィキペディア

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Joshikai" with our repeater guests, good friends.


Three of us got together and went Lembeh Diving Tour from Cha Cha to "Black sand divers(Friendly owner Bruce & Fun)" again this year.  We had great fun! 
Let's have *"JOSHIKAI" (girls night out) more often!!

* Joshikai (女子会) is a word of the minute (a vogue woad) in Japan at moment and a big boom, the meaning is "girls night out".
 Some say Magazine models in Japan made this boom, others say it's greatly influenced by TV drama "Sex and the city".