Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gonzo is not well...

Unfotunately Gonzo is not in good condition since end of November.
It seem like he may have had a stroke.. we think he lost sight in one eye and not able to hear from right side well anymore… occasionally he has seizures too.
It's really a heartbreaking  situation.  There is only one vet in Manado, but he is not available... another disappointment.  we just do our best for him.  
Good news is he is still eating at least and sleeps almost all day on the beach

Monday, November 10, 2014

Like a post card!

Want's to take this kind of picture myself but never succeeded so far.
It's beautiful...

Let's jump in!!!!

Thank you, Dave ✰✰✰✰✰

Late Autumn Leaves in Bunaken and Siladen Isaland

These days we started to see "autumn colors" on trees in Bunaken and also Siladen beach front.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coral wants to say something....?

This coral look like few mouth with pink rips...

Red dragonet fish@Bunaken Island

used to be almost wild....

"Kuro chan(black in Japanese +chan)", a descendant of the Cha Cha regend cat family "Miyau Miyau & Miyauko".

She was a almost wild kitten but tooks years and years to come this closer. still not be able to touch her or stroke her.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Manado Tua

TK was qute mild current. spanish macro, bumphead parrotfish, napleonfish, jackfish, octopus, barracuda, etc. 

a day of Bunaken sky

a cloud formation.

Famous Rock Star Guests?!!!!!

We sometimes have very "stylish" guests like this.
 Maybe they are the  "Famous Rock Star" .... or very unique guests??!!

Mr.D&J, Thanks for the good fun. hahaha...

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Herb gardening in Cha Cha.

When I started work in Japanese Bank in London after marriage, never understood why some of my Japanese colleague who was same age or younger than me were talking about their new hobby "Gardening".  Unfortunately I was really not interested, it was sound very boring.
But now 15 years later(!!),  proudly I will speak about my herb garden in Cha Cha.  I am still not a "Green finger's person", but started gardening from necessity, cause in Manado, they do not sell "Italian basil" or "fresh coriander" or "Dill".  Hmm.. I love coriander!

Beginning was we bought some seed in Italy but forgotten about it for a year, then one day I just planted some seed before it's go bad.

Wow.. look at some results!  When I look after more, they grow happily and more and more coming out.  Amazing.

Finally I can use coriander for rice spring roll, basil for pasta, dill with tuna, etc for Cha Cha guests menu.
Also started to grow Italian tomato for trial. we are looking forward to see the first little Italian tomato in Cha Cha in near future... (cross finger!)


Rice spring roll with fresh Cha Cha coriander with home made sweet chili source.

Italian tomato plant start growing well.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Good day for snorkeling @ Bunaken Island

Hana chan playing with sand

Hana chan growing bigger but she is only 10 month old puppy.

Last Minute Booking Special for May/June2014

Last Minute Booking Special!!!!
Only for direct booking May/June 2014, from minimum 2 people.

Last Minute Special for May/June2014
more detail ↓

For Non Diver Package

For Diving Package

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dugong! Dugong! Dugong!!!!! in front of Bunaken Cha Cha.

Yesterday at lunch time, we saw group of dolphins passing by in front of Cha Cha, so we are talking about dolphins and Dugong and Whale shark passing through around Bunaken.

Especially yesterday was "New Moon", we said to guests maybe there is a possibility to see Dugong in front of Cha Cha especially when it's still low tide.

Then late afternoon, our professional photographer Mr.M, he met Dugong as we spoked!!!


Nowadays more often guests start see Dugon around Cha Cha.

Mr.M took even short video of the single Dugong swimming away happily into the blue and quite first.

I wish we can show you this video, but not sure if I can borrow this short movie of Dugong...  I shall try... 


Sulawesi is a quite famous big coffee island in Indonesia.
In our resort we normally use coffee call "Kotamobagu Kopi", local brand from Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi.
For the expresso / cappuccino lover, we have also Nespresso coffee.

But now our guests will be able to enjoy another type of good local coffee "Toarco Toraja Coffee"  provided by one of our guests who transport this to Japan.

Toraja coffee, which has been recognized as a masterpiece of Arabica coffee throughout the world, is now available at  Cha Cha Bar, also at our souvenir select shop "Reef shop".

Enjoy this mellow aroma and well balanced taste of Toarco Toraja Coffee especially after lunch relaxing time looking at sea, listening to the waves.

more detail of this coffee (out side link) →

Sunset? No. Early sunrise scene from Bunaken Cha Cha.

Sunset?  No.... This is just before the sunrise for early bird.

Put mask and fins, and have a look under water.

Beautiful coral reef, enjoy this amazing snorkeling world!

another snorkeling days in Bunaken Cha Cha.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year, wishing you the very best for the year 2014.

This photo was taken by our Guest seen Dugong on 30December2013, just two days ago. 
Year 2013 was really Dugong Year.  Already how many times guests seen Dugong around Cha Cha?!   It's incredible!
"Bunaken Mermaid"