Saturday, April 02, 2022

Latest Snorkeling Photos from Bunaken Cha Cha

I gave camera to Mul (guide) to take some underwater photos during a snorkeling trip, but as soon as I opened that photo file, I could not help laughing, because almost 80% of them were "A Snorkeling Guest Model Show"!!! 😂

These are a few examples. 

Maybe I did not explain clearly what I needed but Mul must have thought he had to take many pictures of the guest  mainly.   hahaha😂... nice of him. 

anyway.. let me introduce some latest snorkeling pictures he took.

Thanks to our "Snorkeling Model".

Sunday, November 07, 2021

"Our first dip into Bunaken"

End of October 2021 Snokeling into Bunaken.

Thanks to our snorkeler guests Frederic & Ilaria.