Sunday, March 31, 2013

More books arrived from Ms.Saori living in Houston, USA.

Library Update.

More books arrived from Ms.Saori living in Houston USA.
Since she's been to Cha Cha with her mother, she started to support our
"Children's library project" which is one of our Mata Biru projects on Bunaken Island.
This is the 3rd box that arrived from her. 

After she went back to Houston, she started to use her beautiful underwater photograph to make some Calendars, talking around to her friends and acquaintances, colleagues, sold the calendars and put some money together to buy Children's books to send for this project.  Saori san herself choose books carefully and send it over to us from U.S.   Truly amazing work and effort. 

Thanks Saori san!!!

At the moment the library is temporally closed due to the very bad weather we had since Xmas but as the Dry Season has arrived it will be opening very soon again.

While the library closed we had bad news, somebody broke into the Library took some Manga (comics). This gave our staff and us a big disappointment especially after we receive Saori san's support from Houston, however we should not give up yet, and  as long as our resort exist, we will support this Mata Biru project collaboration with Book Bound. 

Her Underwater Photograph Calendar 2013

Amazing Fish book!