Sunday, March 02, 2014

Dugong! Dugong! Dugong!!!!! in front of Bunaken Cha Cha.

Yesterday at lunch time, we saw group of dolphins passing by in front of Cha Cha, so we are talking about dolphins and Dugong and Whale shark passing through around Bunaken.

Especially yesterday was "New Moon", we said to guests maybe there is a possibility to see Dugong in front of Cha Cha especially when it's still low tide.

Then late afternoon, our professional photographer Mr.M, he met Dugong as we spoked!!!


Nowadays more often guests start see Dugon around Cha Cha.

Mr.M took even short video of the single Dugong swimming away happily into the blue and quite first.

I wish we can show you this video, but not sure if I can borrow this short movie of Dugong...  I shall try... 


Sulawesi is a quite famous big coffee island in Indonesia.
In our resort we normally use coffee call "Kotamobagu Kopi", local brand from Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi.
For the expresso / cappuccino lover, we have also Nespresso coffee.

But now our guests will be able to enjoy another type of good local coffee "Toarco Toraja Coffee"  provided by one of our guests who transport this to Japan.

Toraja coffee, which has been recognized as a masterpiece of Arabica coffee throughout the world, is now available at  Cha Cha Bar, also at our souvenir select shop "Reef shop".

Enjoy this mellow aroma and well balanced taste of Toarco Toraja Coffee especially after lunch relaxing time looking at sea, listening to the waves.

more detail of this coffee (out side link) →

Sunset? No. Early sunrise scene from Bunaken Cha Cha.

Sunset?  No.... This is just before the sunrise for early bird.

Put mask and fins, and have a look under water.

Beautiful coral reef, enjoy this amazing snorkeling world!

another snorkeling days in Bunaken Cha Cha.