Monday, March 06, 2017

Diving in Manado Tua and Bunaken

Today was beautiful sunny day in the morning.
We dived in Tanjung Kopi on Manado Tua Island, and Raimond point at Bunaken Island.
In Tanjung Kopi, we saw GT, Tuna, Jack fish, Rainbow runner, big Napoleon fish in gentle current.
Watching "Rockmover wrasse" busy moving some coral rocks, it's has such a red eyes looks like DORACULA eyes.

Found small crab looks like just a piece of coral.
Water temp.  was 29℃, Visibility about 15m, not bad at all in rainy season.

Rockmover Wrasse
Huge coral bommie in Raimond (Bunaken)

small crab

lot's of amazing big coral mommies in Raimond point (Bunaken)

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