Saturday, March 11, 2017

Back in business! The good visibility is back!

Afternoon dive in Cha cha 2 point.
on the surface current was going to Manado direction, but after jumped in, it was totally opposite direction (It's call "Nimaijio" in Japanese).
Water temp. was 29℃ as usual but bit warmer side, but I was very happy to see this good visibility went back to normal.
to watching this calm flat see, I could not believe we had big wave till just few days ago at Manado side thus not so easy to close over to main land.

Rainbow runner

Regal angelfish

more like
"Halimeda ghost pipefish - Red version"
than Robust Ghost Pipefish??

Very nice to see the group of "Pacific sail fin tang" passing through like river. 

also we saw
Two-spot red snapper, Bluefin trevally doing hunting, Napoleon fish, Giant moray, etc, etc......

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