Friday, August 26, 2016

Raf's version

On my birthday this time we got Raf's version from Mr.Baspur.  umm he looks very serious and looks quite Asian looking.  maybe new husband??!!!  hahaha.......

Big thanks to the girls who made very cute cake!!  very sweet!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Birthday - new chapter start with wonderful surprise?!!

Birthday for both of us.
 Yearly beautiful rose bouquet from my Raf chan arrived by speed boat in the morning.
 Thanks, my darling, my love!! and my genius!!

 and ....

got big surprise this year from one of our staff Mr.Baspur, he gave us a big sketch of me. 


we knew he is a very clever guy who always like "hand making" things but did not know he had such a talent, too.  A man of many talents. that's who he is. great guy....
What a wonderful present!!!
Thank you, Baspur!!!   

Friday, August 19, 2016

New age snorkeling mask

French guests showed us his new mask for snorkeling. 
Stress free from water coming in and no more snorkel into your mouth. 
We have not tried yet in the water but the French guest was so so happy with the mask and andrecommended. 
The price was around 50 euro he said. 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Fresh Italian Tomato and herbs from Reiko's small garden.

we planted Italian mini tomato in May and amazingly doing very well at moment. Many of them were ready to harvest, so we tasted them at dinner time, mixed with fresh coriander as a side dish of Japanese style tuna steak with original sauce.
umm.. that was Yummy!  
Tomato had slightly thick skin but the taste like full sun!

Siau Island - volcano island of North Sulawesi

After some rain, when air became quite clear, we can see Siau island on the horizon far away sometimes. This morning early I could see one, even bit of smoke coming out from the top.
This Siau Island is called "Gunungapi Karang Etang" - one of the live volcano island of North Sulawesi.
if you want to see the map, click this link

Siau island with clouds.