Monday, May 25, 2020

mission impossible?! Kingfisher

while we having breakfast, a bird dive into out dining area through the hole of extractor fan.
Lucky the fan was not on..

then we heard small "bang!"
it hit window glass, of course....

Riskal pick it up and said "it's dead..".
(no way! no way from morning...?!)

we had still doubt maybe maybe the bird is in shock.

 it's recovered in his hand!!!!

that was a quite big size "Kingfisher".

when Riskal released it to garden, the Kingfisher took off immediately, energetically.

the wing color was so beautiful like emerald color, or turquoise.

Friday, April 24, 2020

TV presenter

It's sad news I read that one of famous female TV program presenter Ms.Kumiko Okae died because of the virus.
we knew her because of the TV program "Poka Poka Chikyu Kazoku" we were in 2005.

This Program introduced many Japanese person like me went abroad to work or got married with local or foreigners and startup their own business.

so it was about us and Bunaken Island and local people with us.

The program invited "Madam Dewi" (Dewi Sukarno)  who is former Indonesian president second wife as a guest in the TV Studio.

in the studio, they ate "Dabu Dabu" and "Bubur Manado" we recommended to them.
Ms.Kumiko (presenter) tasted Manado food while they are watching video of our life style on Bunaken Island.

she is almost same age like us. pity.. who knew what will happened 15 years later... ?

our deepest sympathies to her, to all loss.