Friday, October 04, 2019

Pyrosoma atlanticum

Also at night dive, we saw this creature from deep; 


This one was small size like hand, look like soft sponge and pinkish color.
I've seen this before several times, one of them was 5 to 7 meters long and the color was SHOCKING PINK, so everybody thought it was big plastic rubbish or ... Whale Condom or something.

it's always fascinated to see deep sea creature coming up... !

Sleeping filefish, Night Dive@Bunaken

There are some filefish we can see day time, but sleeping one at night is bit rare to see like this.
maybe for them difficult to find a hole they can fit in when they go to sleep, if they sleep diagonally like this always..  😁

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dolphin passing in front of Cha Cha this morning.

Cha Cha contacted me that quite many dolphins passing in front fo Cha Cha.
so I went out from house upstairs wait 1 minute, surely I saw dolphins, one was jumping at flat surface.
it's bit far but very nice scene on Sunday morning.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Video from Toni & Minna our guests Lembeh Strait & Bunaken Diving

Toni & Minna made amazing video about Lembeh Strait & diving in Bunaken.

There are lot's of "funny look" sea creatures.  fantastic!

Thanks Toni & Minna!!