Saturday, February 07, 2015

VIP Snorkelers ?? Huge Passenger ship in front of Cha Cha

Early this morning we were quite shocked to see such a huge Boat so close to the reef, maybe more awareness is needed if these big boats come often to Bunaken, they should really not stay so close to the coral reef and especially on a falling tide, luckily nothing bad happened but for sure there are many possible dangers so close then four of their zodiac start going around reef with some passenger.  Maybe VIP snorkelers??
Found out it was a Cruise Ship, 90m long with possibility of 140

Friday, January 02, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - The First Dive @ Bunaken Island

New Year Dive 1/1/2015

Happy New Year Smile!!

We are closing resort at moment due to the renovation, but our friend came over for new year.
After the bad weather, some dive site looks really poor bisability, but when we reached mandarin point at Bunaken, the "bis" was not bad at all.  we saw some of these huge coral were broken and  looks still new damage, maybe that was the resulf of big wage while the storm the other day. 
apart from that, it was very nice calm dive among the impressively beautiful coral.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gonzo is not well...

Unfotunately Gonzo is not in good condition since end of November.
It seem like he may have had a stroke.. we think he lost sight in one eye and not able to hear from right side well anymore… occasionally he has seizures too.
It's really a heartbreaking  situation.  There is only one vet in Manado, but he is not available... another disappointment.  we just do our best for him.  
Good news is he is still eating at least and sleeps almost all day on the beach