Saturday, July 04, 2015

Meet our guests/friend in Bologna

In Italy...
This time we were also lucky to meet our guests Antonella and Moreno in Bologna.
They've been to Cha Cha two years ago, since then we keep in touch in FB.

When we visit Bologna first time few years ago, it was too hot and also maybe we were too tired, could not enjoy staying in this world famous city.
but last month Antonella and Moreno kindly enough showed us around Bologna, we've changed our impression of this city completely.
Especially we were so impressed about their "Evening to night walking tour".  Wow...Awesome!! 

For lunch, they took us very traditional Bolognese restaurant where we had excellent "Tortellini brod" (tortellini served in broth- one of signature food in Bologna). 
In the Roman legend, tortellini was Venus's favorite food according to "Wiki" in Japanese page.
We were busy eating, forgot to take picture though.....

Moreno and Antonella, thank you for invited us to nice home dinner with your family!!
It was unforgettable time for us.
Moreno e Antonella, grazie per invitato noi a bella cena casa con la famiglia !!
Era ricordo indimenticabile per noi.
Grazie mille!! 

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