Saturday, July 04, 2015

Friend and Olive Oil

Since I studied and received my  “Wine Sommelier" and also "Olive Oil Sommelier" license in Italy last year, now not only understanding wine but also we start having a passion for "real good olive oil".  

Before all this, I thought oil is oil, did not notice so much difference between the good one and bad one.
It's like many non "rice eater” who might think the rice is all same, or not so much different to the others but there are a big differences, taste, flavor, old one, new one, etc.

Anyway...  just before we went to Italy, we got information about one of world best olive oils came from a Sicilian medieval town call "Buccheri" - where our Sicilian friend Emanuele Hesael Pavano (some call "Siracusa Jonny Depp") comes from. He is a singer in Siracusa, we met him in a restaurant at Ortigia, enchanted by  his performance and romantic voice

So we visited Siracusa and met him again last month.
He was very kind and drove us to his home town "Buccheri", managed to meet a producer of the world gold award olive oil "Agrestis Flore D'oro DOP", and very fortunately got the oil, too!!!! ….we could carry back only two bottles but so so happy.

Emanuele, La ringrazio molto per tutto!!

"Buccheri" is about 1hour and half away from Siracusa by car.

Agrestis Flore D'oro DOP
(got Gold Award in New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2013)

Emanuele Hesael Pavano
Thank you very much, Emanuele!! 
Grazie mille, Emanuele!!

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