Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nocino Gone.....

Just two days later of last blog we put about our new family "Nocino", he disappeared without trace.

Did he go "jalan jalan" (go for a walk) somewhere and lost?  
It's very difficult for us to believe he went alone somewhere far without his mother or Hana chan who is his sister. They were always together.  At same night Hana chan lost her collar which never found on the beach or in the garden.  Somebody took him away and also try to take Hana chan, too??
Hana chan, luckily she is fine, only missing is her cute pink dot design collar.

I hope Nocino did not end up in the market in Manado (It's a Minahasa people has tradition to eat dog, catc, bat, rat,etc as you can see in the market).
We offered a quite big reward if somebody find him, but nobody could find him or heard any news  about him in their each villages since he disappeared more than a month ago.

so sad... we could not write any blog after for a while.... 

Nocino had a unusual big paw. Even local people knew if dog got huge paw will become quite big dog, it means he will be very popular for certain people who wants to showing off that dog to others.  Maybe he looked too special for "Bunaken Island dog"...??  

Nocino we miss you, and hoping you are fine and surviving somewhere safe.

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