Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Let us introduce our "HANA" chan, the new family in Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort.

News 2.

Welcome our new family -

 "HANA" (means flower in Japanese) chan

she is one of puppies of Chin chan. (Chiro's daughter)

we kept boy and girl puppies. but we are still thinking about boy's name, so please wait for it.


Lotta said...

Aw so cute! Congrats on your new arrivals :)I have been trying to email Raf, but not sure if my emails have been getting through to him - could you please advise?
Thanks so much! Lotta

Cha Cha Fish said...

Hi Lotta! How are you? sorry Raf been too busy getting through high season.
How are you guys doing?
if you have facebook account, please let us know. I put your wedding pics there wanted to let you know but I could not find you easily.

anyway, thanks for the comment on this blog.
please say Hi to Martin, too!!

big hug.