Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bicolor Blenny at Bunaken Cha Cha 2 Point

Blenny at Cha Cha 2 Point

How are you everybody?
Bunaken is still hot as peak season. Today we had just little bit rain, but finish in 5minutes. Our garden looks still dry..  We need water for our plant...!!!

Anyway...  we want to introduce cute Blenny at Cha Cha 2 point.

Bicolor Blenny (Ecsenius bicolor)

The bicolor blenny (Ecsenius bicolor) is an interesting little marine bottom-dwelling fish.This fish is called the bicolor blenny because its front half is blue to brownish in color and its back half is yellow or orange.

It belongs to the family Blenniidae. All members of this family have small projections protruding from their heads called cirri. They feed on marine algae.

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