Monday, January 22, 2007

Manado - North Sulawesi Earthquake

So how about we get "real" about the earthquake that happened here last night.
Yes it was strong, yes we all shook about a fair deal and some folk got a bit
worried, but this worry stems from the ridiculous information that we recieve
from incompetent media or shall we just call it "gossip" that is then printed and
broadcast by people that have absolutely no clue to what they are talking about
at the very least or just need to make a "headline" at any cost.
More than one media broadcast last night the imminent arrival of a Tsunami to
Manado!!! on what bassis did they divulge this information ? what information
did they have to make such a statement? what right do they have to scare
monger people into a frenzy and panic ? to the point that the Governor
of North Sulawesi had to make a public statement this morning that there
was no danger of a Tsunami, based on information received from Japanese
Tsunami warning system.
Lets stay a moment with the Tsunami scenario and the logic that should go
with it and lets ask the question, where was the epicenter of the earthquake?
North East Sulawesi, now Im not sure what maps the local media uses,
but on all the maps I have looked at Manado is on the oposite side of Sulawesi
Island from the Earthquake, so for a destructive Tsunami to arrive to Manado
it would have to do one of two things
1) Travel North, then at Bitung it would have to take a sharp left and then
travel South, then around Bunaken Island it would have to turn a sharp left
again to enter Manado bay......why do I think this is a little far fetched.
2) Travel West from its epicenter and hit Bitung, travel inland over many
mountain ranges to then arrive at Manado.....from the mountains!!!! again far fetched.
Yes ok, I will admit we did get a bit more wave action for about an hour last
night but nothing more than we would get at this time of the year and month
with a High tide of 2.47 and some strong NE winds, nothing more or less than normal.
So to those that have the honor and responsability of divulging information,
please get your facts right, we live in an age "information" pls look this up in a
dictionary and I think that you will see that " bullshit" is not one of its meanings.

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