Saturday, December 02, 2006

Manado/ Bunaken -- "Cha Cha Frog Fish"

We have been away for a few weeks, but here is some exciting news...a Cha Cha colour Frog Fish, yes all will know that Cha Cha's colours are orange and blue, where did we find it...well thats a secret but I will let you into a clever thing I picked up some weeks ago.....use google earth and use the different colour variations of the sea in the image to tell you how deep the area is.
Ouch maybe I have said toooo much here, but it works, we have found underwater pinnacle with it and other info that has helped us in our quest for new dive sites.
Anyway back to "Froggy", found him/her at about 7mt deep, in rubble area, perched on this small sponge, never moved for more than 3 consecutive days....whats he/she waiting for?? who knows maybe a partner? but hey, who cares.

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